Ernst Gouws & Co. is a family owned business in the heart of Stellenbosch, South Africa. They produce quality South African wines which are rich in heritage, tradition and driven by a profound passion for wine and family values.

In 1975, a brave and enthusiastic Ernst travelled to Europe on his father’s instructions not to return to South Africa unless he had mastered the art of winemaking. Forty years later, Ernst’s passion for wine is still strong, and now shared with his whole family. 

Since Ernst subscribes to the French philosophy that the quality of the grape is inextricably linked to the terroir, he handpicks his grapes where they naturally grow at their very best.  


Mzansi Wines

Ernst Gouws and Co is definitively setting themselves apart with their modern style of wines, by working with different grape varieties, different from the classical ways, up to the modern design of their labels. They managed to blend beautifully tradition and modern.

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