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Each label is designed to tell a story, and these stories are what make Journey’s End so special.

Weather Station is named from its location, next to an old Weather Station, which is now the Stellenbosch Wine Campus!

Haystack Chardonnay is named after the age-old practice of planting wheat between the rows of vines. Together with the eagles owls, these are today natural pest control at the farm. This wine is an homage to the environment.

The Huntsman: Whilst looking for a spot to build their cellar, Journey’s End owners discovered the original foundations of the kennels where the hounds were kept in early 1800. 

Pastor’s Blend pays homage to the pastor from the local village of Sir Lowry’s Pass. Journey’s End has embarked on a number of community support and development programmes with the local pastors.


Mike Dawson recently took over the winemaking; his team is very young, dynamic and full of passion. I like the way the estate unite nature, community and business to create high quality wines.


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